বিষয় ভিত্তিক অনুসন্ধান মতামত ভিত্তিক অনুসন্ধান
প্রশ্নের বিষয় Bt brinjal
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত What is genetic engineering?
বিস্তারিত মতামত

Genetic engineering involves the introduction of a specific gene into the genome of a plant to obtain a desired trait. The gene introduced may come from another plant species or from any other organism. While traditional plant breeding involves crossing related plants, genetic engineering uses modern biotechnology tools that allow breeders to be more precise and enables the introduction of useful traits that are otherwise difficult or impossible to achieve by conventional means. The goals of genetic engineering are the same as with traitional breeding. Scientists may aim to improve crop performance in the field by conferring pest and disease resistance, herbicide resistance, or tolerance to environmental stresses (such as salinity and drought or flooding). They may also aim to develop products with enhanced value, such as improved post-harvest life, nuttitional value, or other health benefits.

প্রশ্নের বিষয় capscium
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত i am student and i am very interesting to cultivate vegetables. now i am going to cultivate capsicum (exm: calfornia) this year.but my experience is limited about this issue .how can i collect capsicum seeds. in addition i need some helpful information.
please reply as soon as possible.
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Vegetable Division, Horticulture Research Centre, BARI has developed a new variety of Capsicum named BARI mistimorich 1. It is high yielding and  also attracting red colour. Seed of BARI mistimorich 1 is available in Vegetable Division, Horticulture Research Centre, Joydebpur, Gazipur. You can collect sedd of BARI mistimorich 1 from October to November every year.

Detailed production technology of Capsicum, you can collect from vegetable Division, Horticulture Research Centre, Joydebpur, Gazipur.

You can contract to:

Dr. GMA Halim

Chief Scientific Officer

Horticulture Research Centre

BARI, Joydebpur, Gazipur.

Tel. 9261492, 07175179366





প্রশ্নের বিষয় Statistics on Black cumin seed production in bangladesh
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত Dear Sir
I am working for SME Foundation. It is under ministry of industries. Presently I am conducting a value chain study on Cumin seeds. In this concern I need some information on Market demad, yearly consumtion, Yearly production of Black cumin seeds in Bangladesh. So could you please provide me the above mentioned information.
বিস্তারিত মতামত


Though Black cumin is a minor spices, so, we have some research work on Black cumin and already we released one Variety named BARI Black cumin-1. We have no information about Market demand, yearly consumption, yearly production of Black cumin. Better you can search yearbook of Agril. Statistics of Bangladesh.

Spices Research Centre, BARI, Joydepbpur, Gazipur.

প্রশ্নের বিষয় Spices Cardamom (Soto Elach)
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত Dear Concern,
I want to know about "Cardamom" project in Bangladesh , I want to know cardamom plantation system, available seed & others all information. Please send me your feedback ASAP.

& BR
বিস্তারিত মতামত

There is no cardamom project in Bangladesh. Cardamom cultivation at Spices Research Centre, BARI is in a very initial stage. Seed material of cardamom is Rhizome that is mode of propagation is vegetative. Though research on cardamom is in a very initial stage and Spices Research Centre collect materials from outside the country.


Spices Research Centre, BARI, Gazipur.

প্রশ্নের বিষয় Where to buy
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত Dear Sir, I want to know that from where I can collect the plant of Passion Fruit,Sweet Lime,Bari Sweet Orange,Velvet Apple,Rambutan & Sweet tamarind. i am interested to purchase. Thanking you in anticipation of kind cooperation. Best Regards Kashru Parvez
বিস্তারিত মতামত

ï» You can collect graft/seedling of BARI Passion Fruit-1, BARI Sweet lime-1, BARI Sweet Orange-1, BARI Velvet Apple-1 and BARI Sweet tamarind-1 (except Rambutan) from Pomology Division, Horticulture Centre, BARI, Gazipur. in a small quantity.

Horticulture Research Centre. BARI, Gazipur.

প্রশ্নের বিষয় heat and saline tolerant
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত Which varieties of whet are heat and saline tolerant ?
বিস্তারিত মতামত

BARI GOm 25, BARI Gom 26, BARI Gom 27 and BARI Gom 28 varieties are heat tolerant and BARI Gom 25 Variety is heat as well as saline tolerant level to 10 dS/m at seedling stage.

প্রশ্নের বিষয় modern wheat varieties
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত Give the name of latest modern wheat varieties of WRC, BARI.
বিস্তারিত মতামত

BARI Gom 25, BARI Gom 26, BARI Gom 27 and BARI Gom 28.

প্রশ্নের বিষয় BARI viva result
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত when will be published BARI final result of SO/2013
বিস্তারিত মতামত

The viva results has been published in the BARI web site ( Please open the BARI web site and its latest news option.


ASICT Division

BARI, Gazipur

প্রশ্নের বিষয় circular
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত Is there any new circular in BARI?
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BARI regularly updates public notices including job circulation in its home page. Please refer to the following hyperlink for the same- notices/ job circulation.


ASICT Division, BARI, Gazipur

প্রশ্নের বিষয় Bari chitizen charter
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত Pls send me bari citizen charter as early as possible
বিস্তারিত মতামত

Citizen charter of BARI is given on it's homepage. The hyperlink is furnished below for convenience. charter/citizen charter. pdf

ASICT Division, BARI, Gazipur.

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