বিষয় ভিত্তিক অনুসন্ধান মতামত ভিত্তিক অনুসন্ধান
প্রশ্নের বিষয় Optimum fertilizer dose
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত What is the optimum fertilizer dose ?
বিস্তারিত মতামত

The optimum dose of fertilizer for wheat is Urea (90-105 kg), TSP (55-60 kg), MP (40-45 kg), Gypsum (45-50 kg) and Boric acid (2-5-3.0 kg) per acre. Two-third of urea and all fertilizers will be applied at the time of final land preparation and rest of the one-third urea will be applied at crown root initiation stage (17-21 days after sowing) after first irrigation.

প্রশ্নের বিষয় control Birds
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত How to control Birds ?
বিস্তারিত মতামত

Farmers are suggested to drive away the birds in the morning and evening for 10-12 days after sowing to maintain proper plant estblishment.

প্রশ্নের বিষয় seed treatment
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত Why and how seed treatment ?
বিস্তারিত মতামত

Seeds should be treated with fungicide Porvax-200 @ 3.0 g/kg of seed before sowing. Seed treatment with Provax controls seed and soil borne diseases and enhances plant population by 20-25% and yield by 10-12%.

প্রশ্নের বিষয় mustard
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত effect of fog weather on production of bari-9 & bari-15 mustard cultivation.
বিস্তারিত মতামত

BARI Sarisha-9 and BARI Sarisha-15 are under the species of Brassica rapa. BARI Sarisha-9 is brown sarson and self-incompatible. BARI Sarisha-15 is yellow sarson and self-compatible. As a result, more than 80% cross pollination occurs in BARI Sarisha-9 and more than 80% self pollination occurs in BARI Sarisha-15. Honey bee is the major pollination of mustard. During foggy weather honey bees are not available in the mustard field. So, pollination is hampered in mustard during foggy weather. But BARI Sarisha-9 is more affected during foggy weather due to self-incompatibility than BARI Sarisha-15. Moreover, Alternaria Blight disease infection and aphids attack may be more in case of both varieties due to foggy weather.

Oil Seed Research Centre. BARI , Gazipur.

প্রশ্নের বিষয় How many cultivated brinjal varieties are there in Bangladeshtie
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত Want to know how many cultivated brinjal varieties are there in Bangladesh
বিস্তারিত মতামত

On behave of the question from Dr. ANM Rezaul Karim about brinjal- there are so many varieties/lines cultivated in Bangladesh. Among them Olericulture division of HRC, BARI released 10 brinjal varieties, three of them are hybrid and seven are OP. Some other local varieties such as chaga, Khotkhotia, Singnath, Volanath, Dohajari etc. also Cultivated in many areas of Bangladesh. Thank you.


Limu Akter

Scientist Officer

Olericulture Division

Horticulture Research Centre

BARI, Joydebpur


Cell: +8801726620630

প্রশ্নের বিষয় Number of vegetable varieties released by BARI
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত How many vegetable varieties have been released by BARI. List of the crops and varieties.
বিস্তারিত মতামত

85 vegetable varieties released by BARI. If you details information of vegetable crops please visit BARI website ( Click commodity options. you will get required result.

প্রশ্নের বিষয় Chickpea pedigre
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত Dear sir.
I am a PhD student and work with Chickpea. I have the used Bari chola-1 to 8 as my research material. I want to know pedigree of these material.
please tell me the pedigree of BARI chola-1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8
M.Tarikul Hasan
বিস্তারিত মতামত

BARIChhola-1= ICRISAT line

BARIChhola-2= ICRISAT line, ICCL-83228

BARIChhola-3= ICRISAT line, ICCL-83105

BARIChhola-4= ICRISAT line, ICCL-85222

BARIChhola-5= Local Selection (local Cultivar of Pabna)

BARIChhola-6= ICRISAT line, ICCL-83149

BARIChhola-7= ICRISAT line, ICCL-3272

BARIChhola-8= ICRISAT line, ICCL-88003

প্রশ্নের বিষয় urea briquette applicator
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত Dear Sir, Madam,

On behalf of a small rice farmers association in Surinam, I would appreciate your guidance in obtaining the contact information of manufacturers of urea briquette applicator devices and urea briquette making machines to explore the possibilities to import these on the farmers behalf.

Best regards,

Tonio Torres
বিস্তারিত মতামত

Manufacturer for Briquette Making Machine

Marks Industries Private Limited

348/1, Dilu Road


+88 02 8315629

+88 02 8315578

Email: markind@dhaka. net


Manufacturer for Urea Briquette Applicator Device

Alam Engineering

25 Bhojhari Saha Street

Wari, Dhaka-1100

Tel: +88 02 926 2002

Tel: +88 01711356055


FMPE Division, BARI, Gazipur

প্রশ্নের বিষয় post harvest loss of vegetables
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত I want to know about the research report on post harvest loss of vegetables in Chittagong region.
বিস্তারিত মতামত

Postharvest losses information is given below:

সংযুক্ত ফাইল : 350_Info-PHL-FV-BD.doc
প্রশ্নের বিষয় Hydrophonic
প্রশ্নের বিস্তারিত Dear Sir, I have come to know about your hydro-phonic techniques in ATN Bangla. I am very much interested on this techniques. I like to learn about this in details or if you have any training programme on this i will be very happy if i permitted to attend this training. Or if you have any publication or book on this i like to get it on payment.

All the best
Taslim mahmood
Cox's bazar.
বিস্তারিত মতামত

Olericulture Division Horticulture Research Centre of BARI successfully developed production technology for 12 high value horticulture crops (Vegetables, Fruit and Flower) through hydroponic culture. We published  booklets on hydroponic culture. You can get more information from this booklet. We supply this booklet free of cost. You can also visit our hydroponic culture laboratory and contract Chief scientific officer (drgmahalim at Horticulture Research Centre, BARI, Joydebpur, Gazipur.


Vegetable Division, HRC, BARI

1 32 33 34 35 36 43