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Query Subject capscium
Message i am student and i am very interesting to cultivate vegetables. now i am going to cultivate capsicum (exm: calfornia) this year.but my experience is limited about this issue .how can i collect capsicum seeds. in addition i need some helpful information. please reply as soon as possible.
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Vegetable Division, Horticulture Research Centre, BARI has developed a new variety of Capsicum named BARI mistimorich 1. It is high yielding and  also attracting red colour. Seed of BARI mistimorich 1 is available in Vegetable Division, Horticulture Research Centre, Joydebpur, Gazipur. You can collect sedd of BARI mistimorich 1 from October to November every year.
Detailed production technology of Capsicum, you can collect from vegetable Division, Horticulture Research Centre, Joydebpur, Gazipur.
You can contract to:
Dr. GMA Halim
Chief Scientific Officer
Horticulture Research Centre
BARI, Joydebpur, Gazipur.
Tel. 9261492, 07175179366





Query Subject Home gardening and Homestead Foods Production
Message Dear sir Take my salam I am mostak ahmed, student of M.S. program(session 2012-2013)in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Chittagong.Currently, I am doing research (M.S. Thesis) on "Hidden Hunger in Bangladesh and Homestead Foods Production, As a Measure is Address it: A Case study of kobakhali Union, Dighinala Upazila, Khagrachari District.To carry out this study i need BARI help and cooperation and in this regard(data collection)will be highly appreciated and duly acknowledged. Thank you. Mostak Ahmed
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To carry out your study you may contact with Dr. Md. Mohabbat Ullah, Chief Scientific Officer, Hill Agricultural Research Centre, Khagrachari. Tel:0371-61725, 0371-61886.

Query Subject Lentil
Message About BARI Lentil-6 Variety.
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Please open the attach file.

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Query Subject Bt begun
Message How many variety released in bt begun from BARI
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There are four types of Bt brinjal variety released  from BARI

1. BARI Bt Begun-1

2. BARI Bt Begun-2

3. BARI Bt Begun-3

4.BARI Bt Begun-4

Query Subject Nepiar Grass
Message We have almost 15 Bighas of crop lands in Avaynagar upozila of Jessore district at Shamnagar village bt we r not getting proper crops(Dhan/chal) due to suddently attack by salty waters or other reason. We are interest about to cultivate Napiar grass in stead of rice.can it possible or what should we do
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When your rice land becomes inundated with salt water and how long it stays waterlogged you have not mentioned. On the other hand the soil salinity level of your crop land is unknown. That is why appropriable technical suggestion is very difficult. If you want to grow fodder crop you have to conduct with Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute who deals with fodder crops. So far we understand you need salt tolerant fodder variety. We did not study the performance of Nepiar grass against salimity. So, we are not able to advise you to cultivate Nepiar grass instead of rice.

Query Subject does a person have the right to buy plants from bari moulvibazar
Message I want to buy papaya and some other fruit plants is it possible?
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Papaya and other fruit plants could be bought if available at RARS, Moulvibazar.
Contact to : Sabina Yasmin, SO, RARS, Moulvibazar
Cell No : 01195-439964
ASICT Division, BARI, Gazipur.



Query Subject query for plant
Message Dear sir, mix fruit garden korar jonno unnoto kolom chara I.e. mango , lichu, naspati, passion, dragon fruit etc dorkar, Chitta gong kichu nursery theke kichu chara laghiyechi but oi chara gulo khub beshi bhalo noi, tai apnadher theke kolom chara collect korthe chai. pls cnfm with details thanks & regds
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উল্লেখিত ফলসমুহের চারা/কলম ও দাম জানার জন্য যোগাযোগ করতে পারেন ড. মো: মাহবুব আলম পাটওয়ারী, পাহাড়তলী, চট্রগ্রাম, মোবাইল নং ০১৭১২২১০৯৫১

উদ্যানতত্ত্ব গবেষণা কেন্দ্র, বারি, গাজীপুর।

Query Subject control measure of gamosis in lemon
Message Pls send the control measure of gamosis in lemon
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আক্রান্ত ডাল কেটে ফেলে অথবা আক্রান্ত অংশ চেচে ফেলে বর্দৌপেষ্ট ব্যবহার করতে হবে। এছাড়া পানি নিষ্কাশনের ব্যবস্থা করা ও সেচের পানি গাছের কান্ড স্পর্শ করা থেকে বিরত রাখা।
বর্দোপেষ্ট : প্রতি লিটার পানিতে ১০০ গ্রাম তুঁতে ও ১০০ গ্রাম চুন।

উদ্যানতত্ত্ব গবেষণা কেন্দ্র, বারি, গাজীপুর।

Query Subject current circular
Message pls. give current circular of BARI
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There is no recent circular for appointment in BARI. It the previous circulars are saved in the BARI website, he may be advised to go through it .


Md. Mizanur Rahman Khandaker
Senior Assistant Director (Admin)
BARI, Gazipur.

Query Subject About Lentil
Message Actually Previously I worked on six Lentil variety (BARI masur1 to BARI masur6). Now I need to fasta that means protein sequence of this six varieties by I can study genetic diversity. Could you please help me in this situation. For your kind information I went to NCBI PUBMed for getting Fasta form. But I could not able to find protein sequence of six variety. Thanks in advance.
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Still now we did not submit any molecular data or NCBI/Fasta or Blast of Lentil.


Pulse Research Centre, BARI, Gazipur.

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