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Query Subject Rice seed
Message how can i get latest rice seed? Have you any dealer point? Generally we arrange it from the local Market or own source but now we need your help to get latest produced seed.
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Please contact BRRI (Bangladesh Rice Research Institute), Gazipur

Query Subject Hydroponic
Message Dear how and where can i get details about the hydroponic system. Thank you.
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If you want to know details about Hydroponic system. please contact Horticulture Research Centre (HRC), BARI, Gazipur. and also contact person:
Dr. Munshi Rashid Ahmed
PSO, Fruits Division
HRC, BARI, Gazipur
Mobile: 01748717603

Query Subject salt talerence crops list with seasons basis
Message Bangladesh can grown salt talerence crops with seasons basis and has economical importance
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Query Subject Okra cultivation
Message Available HYV of Okra in Bangladesh
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Available okra variety in Bangladesh is BARI Dherosh 1, OK0285 (Lal Teer Seed Company) amd some other varieties marketed by private seed companies. BARI Dherosh 1 is high yielding but now a days; in some areas is it found susceptibile to yellow vein mosaic virus.

Query Subject Khaki Campbell,Pekin & Indian Runner Duck
Message I am jasim From Chittagong.I Want a Duck farm beside Karnaphuli River.Where i find Baby khaki Campbell,Pekin & Indian Runner Duck & how can making House & Feeding Details
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Please communicate BLRI (Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute), savar, Dhaka.
ASICT Division, BARI

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Query Subject Agricultural Content
Message I want to know the cycle how the agricultural content moves from research organization to field level.
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Query Subject Growing season
Message i want to know the list of crop growing well in February month. I want to research with that crop applying organic fertilizer. so if u have any suggestion, plz suggest me
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The following vegetable crops can be grown during the month of February-March:

Bottle gourd
Ribbed gourd
Snake gourd
Sweet gourd
Biter gourd
White gourd
Indian spinach
Gima kalmi
Pulwal (pointed apple)

Summar tomato
Papaya, etc.


For organic farming the crop must not receive any chemical and synthetic fertilizers. There should not be used any chemical pesticide or fungicides either rather IPM method should be followed for pest and disease control. The organic fertilizer and decomposed organic manures should be used at least 7-5 days prior to sowing or planting. Commonly used organic fertilizers and organic manures are:

Quick compost
Tricho compost
Poultry manure
Oilcake etc.
There are some commercial organic fertilizers available in the market also.

Query Subject seeds
Message i want to know that how i get bakfol & adenium flowers seed. please give me information .
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You may collect bakfol seeds from RSRC, BARI, Gazipur (in March 2015) but about adenium, We have on research work on this crop.

Query Subject cultovation mathod
Message need knowledge of jafran cultivation?
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Soil : Well drained, Sandy to loam soil free from clay.
Climate : Dry temperate condions with annual rainfall < 40cm cool sunny situation between 1300-2300 m elevation.

Land preparation planting : soil is ploughed 25-30cm deep. planting is done july to mid august in small bed. ther corms are planted 12-18 cm x 15-20 cm aparts in rows.

Seed rate : 8 t/ha (corms >2.5cm diameter)
Manure and Fertilizer : FYM 15-22 t/ha, N50P10K50 kg/ha

Irrigation : Very light irrigation durny early autum

Crop ration : Uprooted every 4th harvest

Harvesing : The Flowering period starts during middle to late October and lates only until the 1st/2nd week of November. The flowers must be picked each morning before the sun gets too hot.

Yield : 1st year negligible, 3rd year 1800-2500 g/ha. Maximum yield upto 6kg/ha



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